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Aluminum Radiator

Aluminum Radiators One common radiator that is widely known is an aluminum radiator. The obvious advantage of an aluminum radiator is its lightweight property and cooling benefits when compared to the copper/brass version. A hundred percent aluminum constructed radiator has eliminated the problems associated with plastic tanks and epoxy bonding to the radiator core. The solid…

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Cast Iron Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators There are many choices in picking a radiator and one of the finishes that’s available in the market are cast iron radiators. Cast iron is an alloy of carbon and iron. It is a hard alloy and is unchangeable when set. This property makes them long-lasting and very durable. Cast iron radiators…

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Heating Radiators

Heating Radiators People have been turning to electrical heating radiators due to great technological and design advancements. Over the last years, companies have been making such systems more attractive and energy efficient than they have been in the past. And this is why lots of homeowners are considering to buy heating radiators. Benefits of heating…

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Wall Radiators

Amazon Radiators

Wall Radiators Wall radiators are heating units and are installed in or attached directly to a wall. They are commonly used in studio apartments, small living spaces, and smaller offices. This is because this type of radiator can generate a good amount of heat suitable for keeping small areas warm. And they don’t take valuable floor space…

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Small Radiators

Small Radiators Small radiators are perfect for homes that have small spaces. There are two types of radiator heaters – electric and steam. For this post, we will talk more about electric radiators. Electric Radiators This type of radiator is similarly built with steam radiators; however, they utilize a different method of creating heat. There…

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Myson Radiators

Myson Radiators In today’s modern technology, there are already advanced radiators that offer faster heat-up. These radiators have a smarter control that will save both energy and money in today’s time of increasing energy cost. One leading brand, called Myson, has been recognized for decades for their innovative heating products. Myson Radiators Myson radiators come in different…

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Best Radiators

Best Radiators Choosing the best radiators for your home might be something of a tedious job. Here are some of the tips we can share to aid you in shopping one or two. What do you need to consider when you buy a radiator? In these modern times, radiators have been increasingly inventive in style,…

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Old Style Radiators

Old Style Radiators The concept of a radiator heater was invented in the mid-1800s and has already a long history of keeping people warm. As the years passed by, this type of heater has slowly evolved into the low-maintenance, energy-efficient heaters that we all know to this day. So, how do Radiators Work? Steam Radiators…

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Chrome Radiators

Chrome Radiators Chrome is short for chromium. Chromium is a shiny hard metal that’s the 24th chemical element in the periodic table. However, this is not what your chrome radiators are made out of, at least it’s not the main material. When it’s said that an appliance is made from chrome, it actually means that…

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Tall Radiators

Spada Aluminum Radiator

Tall Radiators Tall radiators are also known as vertical radiators. It may seem out of this world to see a radiator that’s not horizontally built. But this kind of radiator has more benefits. It’s more than what meets the eyes. These tall radiators are designed to make a statement and will get your room noticed.…

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