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Small Radiators

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Small radiators are perfect for homes that have small spaces. There are two types of radiator heaters - electric and steam. For this post, we will talk more about electric radiators.

Electric Radiators

This type of radiator is similarly built with steam radiators; however, they utilize a different method of creating heat. There is a special mineral oil at a radiator heater’s core. This mineral oil is not burned in the process of heating so it doesn't need replacement. It has a high boiling point and specific heat capacity and this allows small volumes of the oil to emit high qualities of thermal energy without evaporating. Evaporation may cause unsafe levels of pressure build up in enclosed spaces. So the absence of evaporation makes electric radiators safer.

At the bottom of the heater is a heating element that is similar to the elements of an electric stove. It's electrically powered and is used to heat up the oil. Once the oil is heated, the warmth is convected throughout the body of the heater, warming its walls. The heat is then conducted through the metal walls and radiated into the surrounding space, filling the room with wonderfully cozy warmth.

Advantages of Small Radiators

  • Occupies less space than the bigger ones
  • Gives efficient heat for the whole room
  • Quiet
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Are common and are easier to replace
  • Adds comfort to a room

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