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Victorian Radiators

What are Victorian Radiators?

Victorian radiators are made out of cast steel. This radiator has a sealed steel hollow container filled with hot water feed with piping supplied by an electric pressure pump. Radiators need an efficient boiler to heat the circulating water as it makes its way around the radiators. So each radiator gives a generous amount of warming heat whether they are run on either tank held Calor gas, natural gas, or tank held oil.

As the water circulates around the radiators, its temperature rises and falls. The impeller of the pump will also give off a certain amount of air. The will rise in the water, then it will collect at high points in the system. This is especially noticeable within radiators and in high-level circulation pipework. All the range of Victorian radiators has an air bleed valve to remove trapped air in the radiator. You can tell if a radiator has trapped air as parts of the radiator will feel cold.

Victorian radiators are fashionable and elegant. The Victorian cast iron radiator designs that include intricate scrolled detail into the iron casting was shown in some Edwardian homes. In today's modern world, the blandly designed radiators manufactured from pressed steel sheet are unable to create such interesting design. This is why people are increasingly opting for more traditional column radiators or heated towel rails in their Victorian rooms.

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