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Traditional Radiators


Traditional radiators come in all shapes and sizes. There are different materials they are made up from. And so in this post, we are going to explore the various types of radiator material and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Aluminum Radiators

This kind of radiators is probably the most common material used to manufacture radiators. Aluminum radiators are especially popular.

  • Advantages: they are highly responsive. This heat to the needed temperature quickly; usually, around 10 minutes if you have a decent boiler and you set the radiators to the highest temperature. They're also relatively environmentally friendly to produce, so they are less polluting than other radiators.
  • Disadvantages: Because they heat up fast, they cool down fast, too. They lose heat fast once you have switched them off. Some people prefer radiators that keep their heat longer.

Cast Iron Radiators

These are the most traditional radiators that you can find. For this reasons, you will tend to find them in older properties, like in Victorian houses.

  • Advantages: these traditional radiators look amazing. In our opinion, these cast iron radiators are the most stylish of radiators. Although you can find some awesome modern designs, too. They are extremely durable and at least should last a lifetime. Also, they tend to have 10-year guarantees to reflect this durability. They retain heat well and release it slowly.
  • Disadvantages: they are heavy, you can't mount them on the wall s they must stand on the floor. They also take a while to heat up and are much less responsive than other types of material.

Steel Radiators 

These are popular but tend to be used for designer radiators, rather than standard traditional radiators.

  • Advantages: they are easy to mould, and so you can find some very cool and unusual designs. They are also cheap compared to others.
  • Disadvantages: they don’t last as long as the other two types of radiator. However, they’ll still last up to ten years.


There’s something so classic, so aged and beautiful about a Traditional Radiator. Grand and impressive, these radiators make the perfect statement of splendid classical interior design.