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Towel Radiators


Another type of radiator that's great is a towel radiator. It is sometimes called heater towel rails and they are very useful products especially in the bathroom during the winter time.

There are affordable towel radiators available in the market and they are very useful. Not only are they capable of heating up the rooms, they have more benefits and this is the post where we will tackle them one by one.

Warmer Towels

There's nothing more inviting than a warm, cozy towel after a good night bath or shower. Towel radiators can supply heat to dry your towels and avoid it smelling mossy. You can also hang multiple towels in this radiator so there's no hassle.

Towel Radiators Create a Comfortable Environment

Yes, towel radiators can keep your towels dry, warm and toasty so that when you finish bathing, you will have a comfortable towel. But moreover, the heat that is generated from the radiator/s can be used to heat up the small area of your bathroom. This will give you a comfort zone where you can take your time doing your before-bed routine after showering. No one likes a cold bathroom, whether it be day or night, right?

You will have more space

Now that you have a place to hang your towels, it will free up space in your bathroom for your other things. You won't have a separate radiator because the towel radiator is a 2-in-1! This kind of radiator is usually installed higher up the wall so it will leave you more floor space. It will give the illusion of having a bigger bathroom area.

Towel Radiators also dries clothes!

These radiators aren't only capable of drying towels, it can also dry your clothes! In homes with smaller spaces, extra space for drying is very helpful. If it's raining and you won't be able to use the outdoor drying line, and you don't have a clothes dryer, this towel radiator can be a helpful alternative.

There are different materials for this kind of radiator

Towel radiators can come in a range of different materials. It comes in brass, chrome, stainless steel, and many more. The stainless steel one is very good because it does not rust and will save you money in the long run.

Lastly, style

This kind of radiator enhances a home's look and appearance. They come in a variety of designs and you will really find one that will best suit your home and your personality. If you are looking for something unique, there are different styles made of different materials. These radiators don't only look stylish, they will also deliver what they are invented for and that is to provide heat.