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Skirting Radiator


Skirting radiators were made for those homes that have bay windows or other tall windows. It could be problematic to fit a radiator under them and so skirting radiators come in the picture.

Low-level radiators (or skirting radiator) are short radiators designed for mounting just above the skirting board. And while they may be short, they are certainly not lacking in heating power. They are available in a range of sizes that will fit in any space. But these low-level radiators aren't limited to use on small spaces, they can also look great in place of a standard radiator. In fact, they blend practically into most homes!

One kind of skirting radiators is this Thermodul. It features being healthy and comfortable, easy to use and functional, and energy saving.

How the skirting radiators work:

Thermal skirting boards or radiators have a special front panel. It has direct contact with the heating core that allows the heat to spread uniformly and effectively without heating the air. This then causes a convection current. The small amount of convection that escapes through the top slit of the skirting board skims the wall. This absorbs the heat and then releases it gradually into the room, keeping it dry.

this particular operating feature makes it a healthy system that's suitable for environmentally friendly construction purposes. Also, these radiant heat panels allow to better manage spaces. It ensures a simple and quick installation. And it doesn't require to modify your wall.


Some Pros

  • Ideal for use in confined spaces
  • Low-level form factor means they take up no space and don’t obstruct your decor
  • Does not pick up and circulate dust, dust mites and pollen from floors
  • Maintains a constant level of humidity
  • Improves the structural conditions of buildings by keeping the walls dry


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