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Finding the best radiator online can be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of sites offering a lot of types of “the best” radiators for your home. It’s not simple to just quickly choose one, but it can be. Here are simple tips to guide you on how to choose a radiator online.

Know that there are different types of radiators

There are central heating, electric heating, and dual fuel.

A central heating radiator is your typical radiator. It’s a metal container that fills with hot water which is heated by a boiler. The heat escapes and warms your home at a rate that depends on the radiator’s material, size, and design.

An electric radiator is a container full of fluid that is heated by an electrical element. It is powered by the nearest power socket where it’s placed or it is wired directly to the main power supply.

Dual fuel radiators are both of the above. These radiators are typically a central heating radiator but is has a main-powered heating element inserted into it. This gives you an option on how you what your radiator to heat.

Figure out what radiator size you need

The size and material of your radiator will affect its BTU output. Bigger sized radiators will tend to put out more heat, but when thinking about size, don’t forget to consider its depth. You can use a BTU calculator to figure out what you need.

Decide on what radiator material you want for your home

When choosing a radiator, the material its made off will affect how it heats up and how it cools down. A common question here is “what radiator material is the best?” and while aluminum is a popular answer, and it’s technically the best, it is more costly than the other options. The price is worth it, though, because aluminum radiators can last for years and years. But if you are someone who wants to save money in the short term, there are other different materials you can consider.