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Modern Radiators


Modern radiators' design means that when it comes to choosing how you want to heat your home, there is now more choice than ever before

Opting for a classic home heating solution does not mean that you have to turn away from modern technology. In fact, it's just quite running toward it.

Column radiators were constructed from cast iron, which is a strong resilient metal that is a great heat conductor. The problem with cast iron has always been about its weight. It is so heavy and it's not that easy to install. This means that lighter materials like steel and aluminum came to be popular in use for modern radiators.

Innovation never stands still. Today, column radiators with the iconic look are easier to install because they have become much lighter than they used to be. And it is because many radiators of this type are no longer made from cast irons but from lighter tubular steel which is just as strong, resilient, and heat-conductive.


In terms of benefits, here are some more of the advantages installing a column radiator:

  • Replacing an old column radiator – because of the emergence of the tubular steel-based column radiator, you can retain that retro appeal of an old model with an improved modern unit. The additional advantage of this is that you won’t need to move or replace any of the pre-existing central heating system pipework in a room designed to accommodate such a modern radiator design
  • They are ideal for rooms with high ceilings – they are a really great heating solution for large rooms with high ceilings. A column radiator rises to the challenge of warming such a space effectively. And because of its naturally large surface area, the capacity for strong heat retention is larger. And superior heat output are indeed faster than a conventional panel radiator.
  • Horizontal and vertical shapes – the radiator market is brimming with many different shape options. To that end, should your room’s dimensions limit your choice to a vertical unit, you can choose to have a horizontal type radiator and vice versa. The plethora of column radiator styles available means you’re superbly served when it comes to the shape.
  • Designer radiator options – this basically covers the stylistic, even minimalist radiator look. Such a take on the column radiator is so dynamic, vibrant and eye-catching that it can entirely change the way customers look at home heating solutions!