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Long radiators are commonly known as vertical radiators. This type of radiator is very in style at the moment and are becoming more popular than ever. The main reason for its increasing popularity is the ease of its installation and how space-saving it is. Long radiators are more convenient in areas of limited space to make use of the vertical areas. And so interior designers and homeowners gravitate toward getting long radiators if their homes are not that big.

Not only are long radiators space-saving and energy efficient, they are also very stylish and eye-catching. And they also have multiple advantages that you can benefit from. Long radiators aren't only gorgeous in appearance, they are also really practical to have.

Advantages of Long Radiators:

  • A Space Saver

People these days want an extra bathroom in their home. This is where vertical radiators come in place. While your room may be small, length-wise, this kind of radiator when installed can utilize the horizontal space that is present.

  • Can be used as towel-heaters

This kind of radiator makes a good unit for heating your towels. Vertical radiators can also be put to good use by heating your towels as well as the room itself.

  • Have a wide variety of beautiful designs

Vertical radiators are eye-catching. Their designs are unusual which makes them unique to have in your homes. There are wide varieties of designs that you can choose from to match with your home’s style. You will surely get to pick something that is to your liking!

  • Less chance of blocking the heat

Heat from horizontally designed radiators can be obstructed by different household items like sofas or armchairs. Unlike them, these vertical radiators have less chance of unwanted heat blocking because of their build and height.

  • Energy efficient

The main role of a radiator is to give heat to keep you from shivering in the cold weather. Vertical radiators are a good provider of heat. They provide a sufficient amount of heat for the entire room. It’s a really good investment.