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High Output Radiators


High output radiators refer to those home radiators that have high BTU rating. This means that you are looking at a high-temperature radiator and you will have a warmer home.

**A high output is over 9000 BTU.

Though there is no official point in which a home radiator becomes a high output radiator, it is usually defined as high output radiators if its BTU rating is over 9000.

Why don't all radiators have high output?

Well, it is because not all radiators need to be high output. And not all radiators can be. In a small cloakroom toilet, you wouldn't need a 20,000 BTU towel rail now, would you? And you wouldn't find one even if you want to.

Having high output radiators will need you to make the consideration of calculating the appropriate heat needed in the room, you will install it to. For a larger room, you will need a good design radiator(s) with enough heat capacity to warm your room. You would also take into consideration the design and style of the radiator that you are going to purchase.

There are so many shops to choose the best radiator that will suit you, even the high output radiators if that is what you want to get. You can find tubular radiators with great output as well as powerful flat panel radiators. All of these will deliver high heating performance throughout your home.

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