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Electric Radiators


Electric radiators are innovative products to use to heat a home. It is 100% efficient, meaning 100% of the energy is converted to heat. The traditional heating system utilizes a boiler that heats the water initially. The warm water is then forced around the property through pipes. A heat loss will occur and this will then affect the efficiency of traditional heaters.

A state of the art wall mounted electric radiator is a practical heating product to get to heat your room. You can smartly heat your room to suit your lifestyle needs and this kind of radiator comes with program controls. You can utilize electricity in a useful and environmentally smart way by programming every room depending on your needs.

Benefits of Electric Radiators

The main advantages of getting an electric radiator are the enhanced efficiency, greater control, and ease of maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Electric radiators are great in utilizing every bit of electricity that runs in the heating elements. It converts the electricity inyo heat making your room warm and cozy. Greater efficiency translates to lower energy use, that means smaller utility bills. Electric radiators are perfect for those who want to save up and are on a budget.

You are more in control

An electric radiator is usually a standalone unit. It has it's own digital thermostat and timers so you can program the heat in each room independently from each other. You can have several radiators in a room at various temperatures to make the warmth distribution in a room fit your needs. Greater control means that you can use the energy that you will need and in turn, it will lower your energy bills.

Ease of Maintenance and Installation

There are no pipes with electric radiators, so there will be no pipework and setting it up will be easy. Usually, it will not take longer than a day to perform a full house setup with this kind of radiator. And the price is very reasonable.

Other heating systems include gas and oil central heating that require a minimum annual service and maintenance. With electric radiators, you won't have to worry with any of these since it doesn't operate with internal combustion. There will be also no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

These radiators utilize the main power and are smaller than other heat sources so they will be suitable for any property.


Stylish Designs

There are so many designs to choose from. Slim, lightweight, and sleek design, the choices are finite! Electric radiators can be great additions to those homes with minimalistic aesthetics.