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You will love our
beautiful vintage cast iron radiators

Designed to impress…
Built to last.
For style with elegance,
providing luxurious heating,
now and for the future.



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Add elegance and strength to your modern home with one of our stainless steel radiators

Stainless steel is not only the obvious choice for its superior visual merits, it is a prerequisite for its durability. This holds true especially in the realm of radiators, which are subject to sustained usage over a long-term period.




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Go weak at the knees for our
Elite Aluminium Radiator

Bright like a spring morning, Elite will bring hot sun even into the darkest winter’s day.


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The Incredible Sail

“Not for everyone, only for those who want their radiator to be a unique work of art”

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Amazing Towel Rails

“Because there is nothing quite like the feeling of a hot towel after a warm bath”

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